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Product Description:

Clear Spot Patches from So’Natural are a must-have item whether you suffer from regular breakouts or the occasional pimple. Made out of a hydrocolloid material, they extract impurities from whiteheads or popped pimples whilst protecting the wound from bacteria and infection. They don’t dry out your skin, promoting faster healing and helping to minimise scarring.

The patches have a beveled edge that makes them less visible than other pimple patches, as well as improving adhesion. The cutoff line packaging makes it easy to remove patches from the backing

This pack contains 2 sheets of 18 patches in 2 sizes – 10mm, 12mm (36 patches total)

How to use:

Remove an appropriately sized patch and apply to the affected area. For better adhesion, apply to clean and dry skin, before any products. Replace the Clear Spot Patch when it turns white (daily or more often if needed).


Polyisobutene, Polyurethane-9, Polyisoprene, Cellulose Gum

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